Monday, 22 October 2007

NEW: Jetboil frying pan

Jetboil have added a frying pan to their unique cooking system. The Jetboil set new standards for cooking systems when it entered the UK market in 2004, with superb boil times coupled with unparalleled efficiency. The drawbacks of the system were that users had only one pan that was compatible with the burner. The latest addition to the range widens the appeal of the Jetboil, and should mean campers and backpackers should be able to russle up a fried breakfast or styfried evening meal quickly and efficiently thanks to the unique performance of the Jetboil system.

This frying pan uses Jetboil’s FluxRing® technology to heat the cooking surface quickly and distribute heat more evenly. The curved side walls are designed to allow easy flipping and stirring. A plastic bottom cover doubles as a preparation or eating plate. The handles fold flat for storage. You can also store a Jetboil companion spatula (sold separately) into the pan.

According to the manufacturers, the FluxRing™ technology concentrates heat to make Jetboils boil faster than traditional stoves. The FluxRing yields fuel efficiencies of over 80%, compared with the 30-40% typical of standard stoves and cookware. The manufacturers also state that when used with a Jetboil, a single 100g canister boils 12 litres of water - twice the volume of water of a conventional stove.

The Jetboil Frypan will retail at £35 when it goes on sale in January 2008.

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