Tuesday, 19 June 2007

NEWS: Hydration system taste issues

Eurohike (Millets) and Stormshield (Blacks) have taken the concept of anti-bacterial growth a little too far judging by my recent experiences of their hydration systems.

I've been playing with hydration systems for the August issue of Trail and you can see which ones I like when the mag appears on the shelves in early July.

However one thing I will say now, as a warning, is that I'd recommend you give your newly purchased hydration system a taste test as soon as you can. The water from some of them tasted like they had been dunked in TCP and actually made my tongue go numb! Millets and Blacks are looking into it, but it looks like they have taken the concept of anti-bacterial growth a little too far.

We did not have space to feature all the hydration systems we recieved ... yes everyone is making them now ... but the ones we liked the most will be in the next issue of Trail. Judging by my experience the Eurohike and Stormshield models are worth taking a bypassing ... unless you need an antiseptic mouth wash!

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Reviewed by Graham Thompson


Anonymous said...

I have the Eurohike hydration pack and I felt like I was being poisoned. I had terrible stomach pains. I thought that perhaps this was normal and to be expected. I will take it back to Millets now.

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