Friday, 13 July 2007

TECH: Worst gear ideas of the week #2

You can rely on gear makers to come up with kit to cater for you every need... and then keep on going waaaaaaaaaay beyond that. This week's crop of clunkers includes...

1) CCTV rucksack
This may a case of 'if you have to ask, you'll never know', so we'll leave it to the firm's website itself to explain why you might need a backward-facing hidden-camera rucksack costing $2000: "This hidden camera's perfect for outdoor or traveling situations where you need portable surveillance. Stay in front of a subject and record his movements. The Hand-held DVR/monitor lets you look behind yourself. Watch where you're going though!" Indeed.

Want one?

2) Ultralight unicycle
Of course we're completely hip to the mountain unicycling trend that's currently sweeping the nation. (Ahem: watch the video) So you could forgive us for getting momentarily excited about this creation. So light! So neat! Then it hit us: where do you sit?

Want one?

3) The 1 gallon hipflask
Many a crafty camper conceals a morale-boosting tot in a hipflask, long concealed and revealed to a delighted audience after their jetboiled supper. But a gallon?

Want one?

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