Monday, 16 July 2007

NEWS: Buff fights copycats

Buff head gear has long been a favourite with serious outdoor folk thanks to its versatility. However the design is so simple that Buff have seen an increasing number of copycat products hitting the stores.

Buff told Outdoor Review Magazine, "Whilst we view competition as a good thing we are not happy that these brands seem to be carefully targeting particular outlets where we have invested in expensive and highly effective point of sale units"
Buff added that most of the copycat designs are not made from the same polyester microfibre as the original Buff products, but they sometimes appear on the Buff display units.

So folks beware of fake Buffs appearing on a Buff display near you. Of course With Tesco now entering the outdoor market, how long will it be before Tesco choose to make their own version of a Buff.

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