Monday, 16 July 2007

SCOOP: Up close with MSR's controversial Reactor

The Jetboil-rival everyone's talking about landed in the office this morning, giving you the chance to pore over its features. As regular readers of the Gear Blog will know, the Reactor's currently on hold pending an investigation by MSR into why some of its pre-production models failed carbon monoxide tests. It's thought the design may starve the innovative convex burner of sufficient air to complete combustion properly, in some circumstances. However, the 1.5 litre stove has several other innovative features, like its all-in-one packability (burner and gas cylinder fitting snugly inside the pan); its transparent, rubber-handled lid; its robust, integrated pan handle that doubles as a lid lock when the stove is packed; and of course that jet-turbine-like heat exchanger permanently attached to the pan base. It all adds up to a fascinating-looking stove and one we hope is cleared for sale soon. The Jetboil v Primus Eta Power v MSR Reactor group test is one to savour: who will take away the crown for the fastest, most efficient cook times?

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