Tuesday, 3 July 2007

NEWS: MSR's Jetboil rival delayed after failing tests


The lauch of MSR's stunning Jetboil rival - Reactor - has been delayed indefinitely after some of the stoves failed key carbon monoxide level tests. In a statement issued by MSR yesterday the firm said: "As we increased production of the Reactor stove, we observed that, despite the majority of units meeting our demanding testing standards, a minority of units were falling short of consistently meeting one of our most stringent testing protocols. During worst case combustion condition testing, some stoves produced higher than desired levels of Carbon Monoxide (CO)."
The move, at the height of the camping season, is a major blow to what looked like Jetboil's first really serious rival. Prototypes were claimed to boil 1.5 litres of water in under three minutes - compared to Jetboil's four minutes - while using less fuel than its rival.
The stove works by using its burner to heat a broad metal plate, which then heats the pot above, reducing the vulnerability of direct-flame heating to wind.

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