Monday, 2 July 2007

NEWS: The ultimate avalanche safety aid?

A Swiss firm has launched a lightweight emergency airbag which could help you ride out an otherwise fatal avalanche. The Snowpulse Life Bag weighs just 1.3kg, can be integrated with any rucksack and inflates at the yank of a handle. The inflated airbag keeps you at the surface of the avalanche, and protects your head, neck and airway, drastically increasing your chances of survival. According to independent statistics 95% of people who remain on the surface survive, while 66% of people who get buried die. Should you get buried, the air bag automatically deflates to leave a 150 litre air pocket around you - increasing the time searchers have to find you. Snowpulse hopes to have the Life Bag on general sale early next year.

Visit the Snowpulse website.

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