Thursday, 28 June 2007

NEWS: Tiso Group acquire George Fisher

George Fisher Ltd of Keswick has been widely regarded as England’s leading independent outdoor shop and Trail readers have regularly given it the thumbs up after receiving great service from the store. However, times could be changing as the store has now been swallowed by the Tiso Group Ltd in a deal worth £3 million. The business was put up for sale at the start of the year due to the owners looking to retire, during which period Tiso emerged as the preferred bidder.

Chris Tiso, Chief Executive, said: ‘George Fisher provides a natural fit with Tiso and we are very excited at the prospect of taking the business forward under the George Fisher name. The primary focus and objective now will be to ensure that the integrity of the business is maintained and the offering continues to be in line with expectations of the existing core customer base. We have enormous respect for the business and recognise its position in both the local and national markets.’

Michael Standring, of George Fisher, commented: ‘George Fisher has evolved over the last 50 years to what it is today; one of the most respected independent outdoor retailers in the UK. It is essential that it is taken forward to the next level by someone who shares and understands our values and our customers’ expectations. George Fisher has led the way in the Lake District in terms of exceptional service, product integrity and retail innovation, and I believe that Tiso is best placed to ensure that this remains the case.’

George Fisher will retain both its name and existing management team. However only time will tell as to how the take over will effect the store, its product range, its pricing and, above all, its quality of service to you the customers.

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Chris said...

I live in Edinburgh and shop at Tiso's regularly - their service always seems pretty good. I'm not sure what you are getting at here - are you implying that Tiso's standards are lower than Fisher's?

Trail said...

Hi Chris
I'm not implying anything. I am just asking the question.
Feel free to discuss this on the Trail forum

TomRich said...

Yet another example of the rise of the chain and the demise of the small independent. What next? Tiso bought by Tesco? Tesco bought by Google? Depressing.

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